Patrice Allen

We may not be able to personally reach every student, but we can reach those that are reaching them.

Patrice Allen is an Army veteran, educator, author, and entrepreneur. She has consulted with dozens of school districts and trained thousands of teachers on best educational practices. Her experiences have ranged from urban and rural school districts, state department of education, and inner-city. Through her educational journey, she recognized the challenge of reaching and teaching African-American boys, or kinesthetic learners. Armed with this knowledge, Patrice built her first business, Kiney Learners, LLC, where she created interactive reading and math walls to engage students and developed a Pre-K – 3rd grade interactive reading and math curriculum designed to use a 3R approach: Daily Routines, Increasing Rigor, and Readiness.  Her curriculum is currently being used in 7 different school districts! Patrice has worked with some of the most passionate educators, but noticed that many times their passion was overshadowed by the stress of trying to figure it out in the classroom. Seeing this need for teacher training, she started Teachers Make the Difference, LLC, where she provides professional development to those on the front line of education! The mission is to build master teachers that can reach every student regardless of their background, economic status, or learning style!