The Mission

To Educate.

We strive to reach the educator who is reaching the students by providing ongoing professional development that is purposeful and targeted to the 21st century learner! 

To Empower.

We train with the intent to build master teachers for every child, in every classroom, and in every school! 

To Enlighten.

We train to inform teachers about best instructional practices and arm them with knowledge of how to reach every learner in the classrom.  

Professional Development

We may not be able to reach every student personally, but we can reach those that are reaching them.

We understand how important training is to teacher and student growth!  All of our professional development is conducted by other educators, who understand what teachers need and want out of training.  Every attendee will always receive strategies that can be implemented in their classes the next day!  The registration is simple and trainings are affordable!

Our 5 Guiding Principles

  1. Increase Student Achievement
  2. Retain Teachers in the Profession
  3. Grow and Develop Master Teachers
  4. Grow and Develop Mentor Teachers
  5. Build Fun & Engaging Classrooms

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Teachers Make the Difference

Reaching Those, That Reach Them! 

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